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Fundraiser to benefit the Alzheimer's Association

Fundraiser to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association

Spring 2019 - Playoff Finals - Results

Hello everyone, 

Congratulations to all the division winners!  The season has come to a close and here are the final results:

  • A Division - League Champions:  "BFF5" wins over "Tina's Barking Spiders" 17-5
  • B DIvision :  "Dart-Aholics" wins over "Junior's Flyers" 18-12
  • C Division :  "Right Wingers" wins over "Incubus" 17-10
  • D Division :  "House Darts" wins over "Barking Frog Outlaws" 17-15
  • E Division :  "A Load of Bull" wins over "Dingo Ate My 180" 17-8

Division Winners:  If you have any photos of your team with the Division Cups, please send them to me so that I can I add them to the website collection.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for a great season!  I hope you all have a great summer and I hope to see you all next season! 

- Rob

Spring 2019 - League Champions

Hello Everyone, 

I want to congratulate BFF5 from the Barking Frog on their successful conquest of the A Division - League Championships last night.  They triumphed over The Barking Spiders 17-5.  

League Champions - BFF5

Good luck to the rest of the divisions in their quest for Division Championships tomorrow!

- Rob

Spring 2019 - Playoff Finals - Schedules

Hello everyone, 

Here is the schedule for the finals of the 2019 Spring season: 

  • A Division:  TBS vs BFF5:  Tuesday @ Tina's, Thursday @ Barking Frog
  • B Division:  Junior's Flyers vs Dart-Aholics:  Tuesday @ Junior's, Thursday @ Barking Frog
  • C Division:  Incubus vs Right Wingers:  Tuesday @ Handshakes, Thursday @ Last Chance
  • D Division:  Barking Frog Outlaws vs House Darts:  Tuesday @ Barking Frog, Thursday @ Irish Eyes Pub
  • E Division:  A Load of Bull vs Dingo Ate My 180:  Tuesday @ Joe's Irish Pub, Thursday @ Gibson's

Good luck to everyone!

- Rob

Spring 2019 - Playoffs Round 1 - Complete

Hello everyone, 

Round one is complete and the final matches are all set.  Congratulations to all the winners, and good luck next week!  

  • A Division:  Tina's Barking Spiders won 17-3 over Dart Demons.  BFF5 emerged victorious over Outkasts 17-15.  Tina's Barking Spiders has choice of starting Home or Away.
  • B Division:  Junior's Flyers won 17-8 over Bulldogs.  Dart-Aholics won 18-6 over Reckless Darters.  Junior's Flyers has choice of starting Home or Away.
  • C Division:  Incubus bounced back to win over Who Darted? 18-14.  Right Wingers triumphed over Supercocks 17-15.  Incubus has choice of starting Home or Away.
  • D Division:  Barking Frog Outlaws won 18-14 over The Filthy McNasties.  House Darts finished off The Bulls-Hitters 17-13.  Barking Frog Outlaws has choice of starting Home or Away.
  • E Division:  A Load of Bull with a resounding win over Ex-Cons 18-4.  Dingo Ate My 180 were winners over Tina's Misfits 17-13.  A Load of Bull choice of starting Home or Away.

Team Captains with choice of home or away, please get back to me with what your decision is so that I can release schedules for next weeks matches.  

Have a great weekend folks and be safe!  

- Rob

Spring 2019 - Week 14 Final Results & Playoff Eligibility

Hello Everyone, 

The website now has the Final Standings for the Spring 2019 Season, as well as the final Playoff Eligibility lists.  Congratulations to all the Division winners!   Congratulations to Jack Haber, who last week shot a T80, and to Justin Mohr for his second T80 of the season!  Excellent darts gentlemen!

The Playoff Schedule will be released shortly.  We are working on taking care of some conflicts in venues, and once we're done I will make the whole schedule available.  

Talk to you soon!

- Rob

Spring 2019 - Week 13 Results

Hello everyone, 

We're just 1 week away from season's end.  There are some exciting races left, with seeding up for grabs in all divisions.  Good luck to everyone in your chase for the playoffs!  There are a handful of players that are 1 week out for qualifying for Playoff Eligibility.  Please go over the list and make sure your teams are all set.

Congratulations to Kevin Roberts for his C9 this past week!  

Have a great weekend folks!

- Rob

Spring 2019 - Week 12 Results

Hello Everyone, 

Week 12 has come and gone.  Just a reminder that from today forward to the end of the season, all new Rescheduled Matches need to be approved by the League Officers first.  

Congratulations to Spike Ceglio Jr. for his C9 this past week! 

Attached is also the current Playoff Eligibility Lists.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding it, please let me know!

Have a great weekend folks, and good luck next week!

- Rob

Spring 2019 - Week 11 Results

Hello Everyone, 

Another week has come to a close, and we had a LOT of good darts thrown this past week amassing 5 T80's, a C9 and a new High In set.   In no particular order :

Jeff Gallagher (C9)    Justin Mohr (T80)

Jeff Moloney (T80)    James Kristjansen (T80)

Ryan Smith (T80)     Ray Gallinger (T80)

Pete Daly (141 In)

Congratulations to everyone!   Just as a reminder, I'm hosting the last of my LoD tournaments this Sunday @ Tina's Restaurant.  Signups start at 1:15pm with first darts flying at 2pm!   Tournament information can be found here:  LINK

Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck next week!

- Rob