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Spring Finals updates!

The A Division Finals took place at Kent Countryside Inn on Tuesday, May 30th, with Drunken Darts prevailing over The Barking Spiders, 17-5.  

The B Division Finals will finish up at The Barking Frog on Thursday, June 1st. Barking Frog is up 9-7 vs. It's All Good going in to that match.

The C Division Finals will finish up at AJ's Cafe on Thursday, June 1st. Those Guys are up 10-6 over Ringwraiths going in.

Best of luck to everyone in the Finals!

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2023 SDDL Spring Fling


Hello Everyone, this April we will be having our Inaugural Spring Fling Luck of the Draw Dart Tournament. Details in the flyer below.
2023 SDDL Spring Fling


Fall 2022 - Turkey Shoot Information

Tournament Flyer


Hello everyone,

It's that time of year again!  We are happy to announce that this year's Turkey Shoot tournament is going to be held at the VFW Post in Wappingers on Saturday November 5th!  The VFW in Wappingers is located at:  8 School St., Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Registration starts at 1:30 with the hopes that darts will start flying @ 2pm!   Entry fee is $10 and everyone is encouraged to bring any non-perishable/canned food items they would like to include with our donation to the Fishkill Food Pantry to help local families at Thanksgiving.

Here's the link to the official flyer: Fall 2022 - Turkey Shoot

Hope to see you at the tournament!

- Rob


Fall 2022 - Timeline for the startup of the season

Hello everyone, 

Rob here.  We're a little more than 2 weeks away from the start of our Fall 2022 season.  Week 1 is planned to start on Aug 30th.  

Captain's:  Check your emails.  Captain's Meeting information has been sent to you.  Remember that is it MANDITORY that either yourself or a least a team representative be present for the beginning and end of the Captain's Meeting.  

Schedules will be published on DartConnect immediately following the Captain's Meeting.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Have a great rest of your summer and see you later!

- Rob

2022 Mid-Summer Update

I hope everyone is having a great summer, and just wanted to send out an update with some dates. 

Rosters for the 2022 Fall Season will be due August 8th by 5 pm. They can be emailed to at any time up until that date. If you know you're playing, no need to wait, send in your roster.  A blank roster sheet is available via this link:   SDDL Roster Sheet

If you're the captain of a team that is not planning to play in the fall, please drop us a quick note to let us know that as well. If you're a captain of a team that needs players, please also let us know, and we will see who we can match up.  I have one brand new player looking for a D division team; they prefer the Beacon area for a home bar but may be flexible.

The Captains Meeting will be August 23rd, and we will be following up with more details including location. As always, a team captain or player from each team must attend the meeting, and we will have trophies to distribute.

Week 1 of the season will be August 30th, which puts playoffs on December 6th and 8th, and 13th and 15th, barring any delays for inclement weather or other reasons. If there are delays, we then have some leeway at the end of December and/or early January to finish up. 

If you have any questions, please let us know, and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Thank you


Spring 2022 - Schedules Released - Captain's Meeting Recap

Hello Everyone!

Thank you to all those who were able to stop by Monkey Maghees last night for the Captain's Meeting and Vice President elections.  I'd like to give a general recap on what transpired during the meeting:

  • First order of business was to go over Old Business from the Fall Captain's Meeting.  There was nothing to discuss so we quickly moved on.
  • Next was the handling of the 2 Officers Positions up for election. Jim Eve ran unopposed for the League Treasurer position, so congratulations to Jim on becoming our new Treasurer in the Fall! 
  • Vice President position was next, and there was an active election between incumbent Colm Neilson vs. Pete Alonso.  Pete Alonso won the election by a 36-18 vote.  Congratulations to Pete!  He'll be our new Vice President in the Fall!  I want to take this moment to thank Colm Neilson for your service time as Vice President to the league. 
  • Next up was the introduction of New Items.  The following items were brought up for discussion and/or vote regarding changes to the league:   (NOTE:  All items brought up for a vote are not eligible to be brought back to the table for 2 years)
    • Starting Time:  It was proposed that we change our starting time from 8pm to 7:30pm.  This was discussed and brought to a Captain's Vote.  The measure did not meet the 51% majority required,and was voted down.  Captain's are still able to coordinate with their opposing Captain's to orchestrate their own earlier start times. 
    • Board Lights - Required:  It was proposed that Ring lighting be a requirement for each board in use by the league, provided for by the sponsor.  This motion was discussed and tabled for a later debate.  Everyone is encouraged to bring up sub-standard playing conditions with the League Officers so that we can investigate these issues. 
    • All-Stars:  A motion was brought forth to revert back to the old style of All-star reporting.  This motion was tabled in lieu of further discussions and planning.
    • Food Requirement: A motion was brought to eliminate the requirement that Sponsors need to provide food for the matches.  It was brought to a Captain's Vote and passed by a majority vote.  In the Fall of 2022, sponsors will NOT be required to provide food for the matches. 

Now onto the beginning of our Spring 2022 season!   Schedules have been published on the DartConnect Website.   Team Captain's:  Please make sure you have at least a "Guest" account with DartConnect so that you will be able to get your tablets to function properly for the season.  Please reach out to me if you're having any difficulties and we'll try to help you out as best we can.   Also, please verify the rosters posted for your team.  Things moved forward VERY fast this time with little to no downtime between seasons.  Let me know of any corrections or omissions on your rosters!  I'll fix them ASAP.   Don't forget to also do "Check for Updates" on your tablets prior to every match.  This will make sure you have the most recent roster changes downloaded and ready to roll!

We start next Tuesday (Feb. 8th)!  Good luck to everyone and I hope you have a great time this season!

- Rob

Fall 2021 - And that's a wrap!

Hello everyone,

We did it!  We're finally through the Fall 2021 season!   Both A and B Division finals have been played and we are now done.  

Congratulations to Ed Konzen's "The Devil's Rejects" for defending their championship for the 3rd straight time.  "The Devil's Rejects" defeated "Reckless Darters" 17-5 to retain the title.  

Also, congratulations goes out to Pete Alonzo's "Drunken Darts" for their win last night vs. "Stinson's Shooters" with a final score of 18-12.  

That's that.  We're done with 2021 and the Spring 2022 season is right around the corner.   Please submit all rosters by this Friday.  The Captain's Meeting will be held next Tuesday, Feb. 1st @ Monkey Maghees starting at 8pm.

Thank you folks, and we'll see you soon!

- Rob

Spring 2022 - Rosters needed - Captain's Meeting and more!

Hello everyone,

We're almost there with completing the Fall 2021 season, and once that is in the books we'll jump forward into the Spring 2022 season.  Rosters sheets are available online:  ( Here )   Just fill out the online PDF, save it to your computer and email to me.  

The Captain's Meeting will be held at Monkey Maghees this season.  They are located on 40 Vassar Road, in Poughkeepsie ( Google Maps )  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 1st @ 8pm.  This meeting will see voting for the Vice President position.  Treasurer position was vacated with Jim Sokolinski stepping down, and there was only 1 letter of intent submitted.  Congratulations to Jim Eve on becoming the incumbent SDDL Treasurer.   Thank you Jim for your service to the SDDL!

Monkey Maghees was kind enough to turn this event into a little party as well, so even if you aren't a Captain, come on by for some free food and drink specials.  

Roster submission deadline is Friday, Jan 28th.  @ 8pm.  

Thank you folks, and see you soon!

- Rob

Fall 2021 - Week 6 Recap / Turkey Shoot Info

Hello everyone,

Here we are, quickly approaching the halfway point of our season!  Just a couple of reminders I'd like to bring to your attention. 

You may make additions after the Mid-Season point, with league approval.  Player additions AFTER the Mid-Season point (Monday Night @ 8PM prior to Week 8 on the schedule), will NOT be eligible for the playoffs. 

The Turkey Shoot is quickly coming upon us.  This year we will be hosting the event at Dogwood Knolls (See attached flyer for event details).  Don't forget to bring canned / non-perishable food to the event, so that we can include it as a donation to the East Fishkill Food Pantry!  Hopefully we get a good turnout.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Congratulations this week to Bill Groves, Robert Taylor and John Light for your 180's this past week.  Also congratulations to Pat Condon for his C9!

Have a great weekend folks, and good luck next week!

- Rob


Fall 2021 Season - About to start!

Hello everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that our season starts the upcoming Tuesday (9/7).  Schedules are available to viewing on DartConnect ( )

Don't forget to get your tablets charged and ready to roll!  Make sure that you've logged into DartConnect, and that you've updated DartConnect to the most latest version.   Open up DartConnect, and login to your account.  Once in, click on the "Check for Updates" link at the bottom of the screen:

Also, roster changes are permitted up to the Monday Night (8pm) before the match.  Just email me any roster changes you have to make and I'll make sure they're taken care of.  Remember that you can have up to 8 people on your roster.   If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to ask.

Have a great holiday weekend, and good luck on Tuesday!

- Rob