Fall 2019 - Week 7 Results

Hello everyone, 

For starters, I want to bring up a point regarding Rescheduling of Matches during the season:
  • A team wishing to reschedule must notify the opposing team and the officer on call (provided
    in the Captain’s List) by 10AM on the Tuesday of the match. If notification is made after 10AM
    the rescheduling team is at the mercy of the opposing team.
  • All rescheduled matches are to be made up within 2 weeks of the original match date. Once
    an agreement has been made between both teams, the Officer on call (provided in the
    Captain’s List) should be notified with both the time and place for the rescheduled match. If
    the agreement is made after the date of the originally scheduled match, notification of the
    agreed time/place for the rescheduled match should be sent to the League Secretary. This
    notification should be in the form of an email to: officers@southerndutchessdartleague.com
Regardless, Officers need to be notified of the rescheduled match!  Now, onto a point regarding sheet submitting.  ALL SHEETS need to be in my possession by Friday Morning.  ALL SHEETS.  If a match was played, I need the sheet by Friday Morning.    
Now only other business.  Congratulations to Kyle Quinn and Mike Anderson for their C9's this week.  Excellent darts gentlemen!  We're at the half-way point in the season.  After week 10 I'll be sending out Player Eligibility lists.  If your division does not have a Bye Week, you need to have played in 7 weeks of the season to be eligible.  Divisions with Bye weeks only need 6 weeks played to be eligible.  
I'll be hosting a Luck of the Draw tournament on Oct. 20th @ Tina's Rest.  Signups start at 1:15 and darts will fly at 2pm.  
Jim Turner is hosting a Dart Tournament @ the VFW Post 7765 in Red Hook.  Tournament information can be seen --> HERE 
Wendel Weber will be hosting his last tournament at Karen's Bar and Grill on October 17th.  Signups start at 6:30 with first darts flying at 7pm!  All of the Triple-shot money will be paid out on Saturday.  
Good luck to everyone attending tournaments, and everyone have a great weekend!
- Rob

Fall 2019 - Week 6 Results

Hello Everyone, 

Just a couple of reminders.  We're getting close to the half-way point in the season, and I wanted to remind everyone about Player Eligibility for the playoffs and the divisions with Byes.  If your division has a BYE team, then you only need 6 weeks played in order to be eligible for the playoffs.  Otherwise, you need to have 7 weeks played.   I'll be sending up Eligibility reports after week 9, and throughout the rest of the season.  Also, please be sure to get me your score sheets no later than Friday Morning to avoid penalties! 
The Turkey Shoot is quickly coming upon us.  Follow the link for details and specifics.  We're going to be raffling off some great dart prizes this year!
Congratulations to Scott Vanderoef for his C9 this week.. Nice shooting!  
Have a great weekend everyone!  
- Rob

Fall 2019 - Week 5 Results

Hello everyone, 

Please make sure you get me your score sheets before Noon on Fridays (to avoid taking on Penalties).  There was some nice darts thrown this week.  Congratulations to Mike Nobile for his T80, and to Craig Akin and Jack Haber for their C9's!  Nice shooting!!

The Turkey Shoot is right around the corner.   Be sure to check out the flyer for date and time.  Remember, that there will be 2 divisions this year, where there will be an A/B/Open division, as well as a division for C/D/E shooters.  Come out any enjoy the competition!

Have a great weekend folks!

- Rob

Fall 2019 - Week 4 Results

Hello everyone, 

Here are the results for Week 4.  Congratulations to Dom Marcello for his T80 last week!  
If any dart players are looking for another local league to play in on Monday nights, the Poughkeepsie Dart League is looking for new teams, and starting up in a few weeks. If you're interested in putting a team in, please reach out to Paul Senecal, or you can reach out to us and we'll put you in touch with Paul.
Also, this Sunday I will be hosting a LoD Tournament @ Tina's Rest on Sunday.  Sign-in starts at 1:15 with first darts flying at 2pm.  
Have a great weekend folks!
- Rob

Fall 2019 - Week 3 Results

Hello everyone, 

Just a few reminders so far:  
  • The Turkey Shoot is right around the corner.  Saturday, November 9th!  We're going to have some prizes to raffle off this year.  More news about the tournament to come in the coming weeks.
  • Tina's Rest will be having a Luck of the Draw tournament on Sunday, September 22nd @ 2pm.
Congratulations to Brian Kennedy with a C9 this week, and to Pete Cookingham with a T80!  
Have a great weekend and good luck next Tuesday!
- Rob

Fall 2019 - Week 2 Results

Hello Everyone!

Week 2 has come to a close.  Thank you everyone for getting me your sheets in a timely manner!  Congratulations to Pat Eve with a T80, Wayne Pope for setting the High On at 140, and to Greg Gordon for setting the High Out at 113 this week.  Awesome darts guys!

Irish Eyes will be closing its doors this weekend (for renovations to occur in transforming the space for the new owners).  The bar will now be called Good Times.  The Week 3 match that was scheduled there, has been relocated.  Ex-Cons vs The Bullsheviks will be playing next week @ Tina's Restaurant (Bullsheviks will be the Home Team for that match).  Thank you goes out to both team captains for coming up with a reschedule so quickly!

Have a great weekend folks!!!

- Rob

Fall 2019 - Week 1 Results

Hello everyone!

Thank you for getting me your sheets on a timely basis!  As a reminder, please make sure that all your players sign the sheet before the match starts.  

A great start to the season, with some tremendous darts thrown!  High-in and High-out has been established!  Grats to Paul Lopes (115 In) and Joe Briccio (105 Out)!  Tim Williams had a C9 as well as Tom Hayes scoring a T80!  Excellent darts folks!

Have a great weekend, stay safe and we'll see you all on Tuesday for Week 2!

- Rob

Fall 2019 - Week 1

Hello Everyone!

It's here.  Week 1 of the Fall 2019 season starts tonight!  Good luck to everyone out there!  

Jack is going to be out of town today, so I'll be filling in for him as the Officer-On-Call for tonight in case anything arises.  

Shoot well everyone!

- Rob

Fall 2019 - Captain's Meeting - TONIGHT

Hello everyone,

Captain's Meeting is TONIGHT! We'll be meeting at Last Chance in Wappingers, 8PM Start. This meeting is MANDATORY, and at least 1 representative from each team needs to be there. Sponsor Fee is $100 per Team, and the Team fee is $25 per team. These fees will be due at the Captain's Meeting. We also will have Blade5 boards for sale ($50 per board).

Thanks folks!

- Rob

Fall 2019 Season - ROSTERS ARE DUE TOMORROW!!!


Hello everyone, 

Deadline is quickly approaching for submitting rosters for the Fall 2019 Season.  This year we are NOT doing a Roster Night.  All submissions are to be sent in to myself either by Email or Text.  

Just as a reminder, Captain's meeting will be on 8/20/19 @ 8PM.  We'll be having it at Last Chance in Wappingers Falls.    Sponsor Fee is $100 per Team, and the Team fee is $25 per team.   These fees will be due at the Captain's Meeting. 

League will start up on 8/27/19. 

Looking forward to seeing you this season!

- Rob