Fall 2018 - Final Standings and Playoff Eligibility

Hello Everyone, 

First off, I want to thank you all for making my first season as secretary as relatively painless as possible and I look forward to keeping it going in the seasons to come!

Now, onto the nitty gritty of it all.  We're done as far as regular season is concerned.  Final Playoff Eligibility is attached as well as the standings.  Please contact me ASAP if you believe the eligibility seems off for your team and I go through it with you.  

There were a lot of nice darts thrown throughout the season, and last week was no exception with Chris "Pugz" Puglia throwing his second T80 of the season!  Way to go Chris!   We had 2 divisions with ties for 4th place, needing both tie-breakers to be used to break them.  Earlier this week I sent out the Playoff Brackets for each division.  I'll be resending the brackets with schedules as they come in.  

Reminder:  Next week (12/4) is an off-week.  This was put in back in August, in-case of inclement weather.  We got lucky this year, with only 1 storm hitting (and on a Thursday night at that).  

In the upcoming days I'll be updating the site with reminders for when Roster submissions will start for the Spring, as well as a timeline of when the Captain Meeting will be along with the start of the season.

Good Luck to all the playoff and to all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

- Rob

Fall 2018 - Week 13 Results and Playoff Eligibility

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  We are down to 1 last week of regulation play and some of the divisions have some tight races going on.  There are a handful of players that are 1 week out for qualifying for Playoff Eligibility.  Please go over the list and make sure your teams are all set.  If a person isn't listed, then they haven't/aren't qualified for the playoffs.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me ASAP so we can get things all ironed out.

Congratulations go out to Jaime Welnicki and Rich Cooper for their 180s this past week.  Congratulations also goes out to George Prine for his C9.  Excellent darts folks!! 

Best of luck to everyone next week! 

- Rob 

Fall 2018 - Week 12 Results and Playoff Eligibility

Hello everyone, 

Just a quick explanation on how the Playoff Eligiblity lists are presented.  Starting this week, once a player is no longer eligible for the playoffs, they will be removed from the list all-together.  If you have a player that you think should be eligible, please let me know ASAP.   We've got 2 weeks left before the season ends.  Please plan accordingly to make sure you get your playoff rosters all set.  

I'd also like to bring up an issue that has been going on all season long.  iPhone users who email / text me your sheets, please make sure that you're not sending a thumbnail sized picture of the sheet but the actual photo.  There's little to no way to cleanly get the information off these sheets.  Please try to send the full image instead of the thumbnail.  You might have to export the image out of Photo before sending it in.  If you need assistance with this let me know and I'll try to help you out as best I can.

Congratulations to Walt Teator for shooting a C9 this past week as well as Colm Neilson bursting into the lead for A Division Win/Loss record of 24-0!   

Have a great weekend folks and good luck on Tuesday!

- Rob

Turkey Shoot 2018 - Final Results

From Jack:
Thank you from the officers of the SDDL to all the dart players, friends and family who came out to support this years Turkey Shoot and to Collins Ale House for hosting us. We had 32 shooters in the open bracket and 14 in the CDE bracket, and probably 60 people in attendance overall. Congrats and free turkeys to Colm Neilson and Richie Stacker for coming in 1st in the open and to Larry Martinez andTom Pacheco for winning the CDE. Second place went to Craig Akin and Paul Sienkiewicz in the Open and to Wayne Pope and Arnie Folberth in the CDE. Third place went to Brian Kennedy and John Politi in the Open and to Mark Mead and Dave Burke in the CDE. Congrats as well to Carol Donnelly for winning the 50/50 and to all the raffle winners. Hope to see all of you and more next year! 

From Rob:
Thank you everyone for the wonderful support you all gave to our event this year!   There was a LOT of great shooters at this years event and the pairings made for some great matches throughout the tournament.  I want the thank the C/D/E bracket for having a good showing and supporting our idea of having split divisions!   Congratulations to all the winners!

Place A/B/Open C/D/E
1st Colm Neilson/Rich Stacker Larry Martinez/Tom Pacheco
2nd Craig Akin/Paul Sienkiewicz Wayne Pope/Arnie Folberth
3rd Brian Kennedy/John Politi Dave Burke/Mark Mead

I also want to thank everyone who dropped off canned food for the Fishkill Food Pantry food drive.  THANK YOU!   We decided that the League was also going to donate $100 in food to the cause as well!  

Looking forward to next year already, as it was a blast to prepare for and to be a part of.  

- Rob










1st Place Open
1st Place Open


2nd Place Open​​​


3rd Place Open


1st Place C/D/E


2nd Place C/D/E




Fall 2018 - Week 11 Results and Playoff Eligibility

Hello everyone!

First off I want to remind everyone that tomorrow is our annual Turkey Shoot, to be held at Collins Ale House.  Signups start at 3:30pm, with first darts hopefully flying by 4pm!  Tournament information can be found here: ( Turkey Shoot Flyer ).

There will be plenty of food and prizes to raffle off (including a 50/50 raffle).  If you're coming to the Turkey Shoot, and you have a tablet, please bring it with you as we want to make sure we have enough scoring devices.  

Week 11 is in the books with only 3 week remaining.  Please go over the Eligibility Report and make sure your players are good to go!  If you have any questions please let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Congratulations to Wendel Weber for setting a new High Out of 138!  

Hope to see everyone at the tournament tomorrow!  If you're not able to make it, then have a great weekend!

- Rob

Fall 2018 - Week 10 Results and Playoff Eligibility

Hello everyone, 

Week 10 is in the books, with 4 more weeks to go before we start our playoffs.  From here on to the end of the season, I will be attaching Playoff Eligibility statuses for each team in the league.   A/B/D Division Teams need 7 weeks played in order to qualify and participate in the playoffs, while C/E Division Teams only need 6 weeks played (Due to their BYE Weeks).  If you have any questions regarding this please don't hesitate to reach out to me.  

Lots of good darts were tossed once again, with Jeff Gallagher leading the way with a tremendous 1365 AS Week.  Other big darts include Wendel Weber throwing a C9.  Congratulations to you both!  

A week from Saturday (11/10) is our Turkey Shoot Tournament @ Collins Ale House.  Registration starts at 3:30pm with first darts flying at 4pm!  Head on over to the Tournament Flyer for more information!  Remember that this year we're having 2 separate divisions, so please come on out folks for what will inevitably be a great time!  We'll be having 50/50 raffles as well as Raffles for tablets and 1 Yr. subscriptions to DartConnect and much much more!   

Have a great weekend folks and good luck next week!

- Rob

Fall 2018 - Week 9 Results

Hello Everyone, 

Another week in the books!  Some great darts tossed by Allen Woodruff with his second T80 of the season.  Joining the T80 ranks was Justin Mohr, Jack Nightingale and Joe Ausanio.  Joining the C9 ranks this week was Tom Winne.  Conor Joyce almost broke the 1200 AS mark with a 1195 performance this week.  Congratulations guys!  

We are just 2 weeks out from the 2018 SDDL Turkey Shoot!  Information is on the website!  Looking forward to another great event!  

Have a great weekend and shoot well next week!

- Rob

Fall 2018 - Week 8 Results

Hello Everyone, 

Before I dive into the results for the week, a couple of reminders.  

  • The Turkey Shoot is quickly approaching!  Check out the website for more information!
  • Just a brief reminder on the rules for scorekeepers.
    •  C) Scorekeeping:
    • 1. A scorer shall keep a running tally of the dart points thrown by the people playing.
    • 2. A scorekeeper may only tell a thrower what number remains when requested by said thrower.
    • 3. He/she may not give advice as to what points should be shot.  

There were some great darts thrown this week once again.  Congratulations to Colm Neilson for a 1222 AS performance for the week.  OUTSTANDING!
Congratulations are also in order for Allen Woodruff's T80, and Brian Kennedy's C9!  
Finally, Congratulations to Ray Gallinger for setting a new High In at 152!

Good luck next week folks!

- Rob

Fall 2018 - Week 7 Results

Hello Everyone!

Attached are the standings for Week 7.  This is the mid-way point of the season.  As such, no more roster additions can be made at this time.   In the coming weeks I'll be publishing Eligibility #'s so that you can plan out and make sure that you get all your players qualified.  Until then, if you have any questions on how your teams are lining up, please let me know.  I'll let you know where your people stand.  :)

A lot of good darts were thrown this week.  Joining the C9 Club is James Dotter, Dominick Marcello and Conor Joyce.  Joining the T80 Club is Bill Bancroft and Conor Joyce (an omission from Last weeks tally).  George King had his second T80 of the season as well.  A new High Out has been set by Mark Angiolillo at 137!  Congratulations to all of you!

Good luck next week folks!

- Rob

Fall 2018 - Week 6 Results


Hello everyone, 

Sorry for the delay in getting the standings to you this week.  I'd like to congratulate Larry Martinez for his T80 and to Joe Ausanio for his C9.  Great shooting gents!

Just a reminder, the Turkey Shoot is quickly coming upon us.  Hope to see many of you there for a fun day!  The website has all the current information regarding the event.

Have a great weekend folks and Good Luck next week!

- Rob