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Fall 2019 - Playoff Finals

Hello everyone, 
Congratulations to the Devil's Rejects for winning the League Championship this year over the Outkasts 17-7. That's consecutive seasons for the team! 

In other action last night:
  • Congratulations to The Reckless Darters for their win over Junior's Flyers for the B Division Title! (17-13)
  • Congratulations to A Load of Bull for their win over The Filthy McNasties for the D Division Title! (17-7)
  • Congratulations to Cork and Bulls for their win over Those Guy's for the E Division Title! (17-5)

The C Division title is up for grabs next week with KCF facing off against Incubus. Night 1 of the match will start on Tuesday Dec. 17th @ The Last Chance in Wappingers. Good luck to both teams!
- Rob