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Spring 2022 - Rosters needed - Captain's Meeting and more!

Hello everyone,

We're almost there with completing the Fall 2021 season, and once that is in the books we'll jump forward into the Spring 2022 season.  Rosters sheets are available online:  ( Here )   Just fill out the online PDF, save it to your computer and email to me.  

The Captain's Meeting will be held at Monkey Maghees this season.  They are located on 40 Vassar Road, in Poughkeepsie ( Google Maps )  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 1st @ 8pm.  This meeting will see voting for the Vice President position.  Treasurer position was vacated with Jim Sokolinski stepping down, and there was only 1 letter of intent submitted.  Congratulations to Jim Eve on becoming the incumbent SDDL Treasurer.   Thank you Jim for your service to the SDDL!

Monkey Maghees was kind enough to turn this event into a little party as well, so even if you aren't a Captain, come on by for some free food and drink specials.  

Roster submission deadline is Friday, Jan 28th.  @ 8pm.  

Thank you folks, and see you soon!

- Rob