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Spring 2022 - Schedules Released - Captain's Meeting Recap

Hello Everyone!

Thank you to all those who were able to stop by Monkey Maghees last night for the Captain's Meeting and Vice President elections.  I'd like to give a general recap on what transpired during the meeting:

  • First order of business was to go over Old Business from the Fall Captain's Meeting.  There was nothing to discuss so we quickly moved on.
  • Next was the handling of the 2 Officers Positions up for election. Jim Eve ran unopposed for the League Treasurer position, so congratulations to Jim on becoming our new Treasurer in the Fall! 
  • Vice President position was next, and there was an active election between incumbent Colm Neilson vs. Pete Alonso.  Pete Alonso won the election by a 36-18 vote.  Congratulations to Pete!  He'll be our new Vice President in the Fall!  I want to take this moment to thank Colm Neilson for your service time as Vice President to the league. 
  • Next up was the introduction of New Items.  The following items were brought up for discussion and/or vote regarding changes to the league:   (NOTE:  All items brought up for a vote are not eligible to be brought back to the table for 2 years)
    • Starting Time:  It was proposed that we change our starting time from 8pm to 7:30pm.  This was discussed and brought to a Captain's Vote.  The measure did not meet the 51% majority required,and was voted down.  Captain's are still able to coordinate with their opposing Captain's to orchestrate their own earlier start times. 
    • Board Lights - Required:  It was proposed that Ring lighting be a requirement for each board in use by the league, provided for by the sponsor.  This motion was discussed and tabled for a later debate.  Everyone is encouraged to bring up sub-standard playing conditions with the League Officers so that we can investigate these issues. 
    • All-Stars:  A motion was brought forth to revert back to the old style of All-star reporting.  This motion was tabled in lieu of further discussions and planning.
    • Food Requirement: A motion was brought to eliminate the requirement that Sponsors need to provide food for the matches.  It was brought to a Captain's Vote and passed by a majority vote.  In the Fall of 2022, sponsors will NOT be required to provide food for the matches. 

Now onto the beginning of our Spring 2022 season!   Schedules have been published on the DartConnect Website.   Team Captain's:  Please make sure you have at least a "Guest" account with DartConnect so that you will be able to get your tablets to function properly for the season.  Please reach out to me if you're having any difficulties and we'll try to help you out as best we can.   Also, please verify the rosters posted for your team.  Things moved forward VERY fast this time with little to no downtime between seasons.  Let me know of any corrections or omissions on your rosters!  I'll fix them ASAP.   Don't forget to also do "Check for Updates" on your tablets prior to every match.  This will make sure you have the most recent roster changes downloaded and ready to roll!

We start next Tuesday (Feb. 8th)!  Good luck to everyone and I hope you have a great time this season!

- Rob