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Fall 2023 - Week 1 Starts 8/22/23!

Hello everyone,
Thank you to all the captains and representatives that showed up for last night's Captain's Meeting.  A short summary of minutes from the meeting:
  • President Jack Nightingale: 
    Expressed his desire to do something special for the upcoming 40th Anniversary of the SDDL.  If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see done, please let us know!  You can email the officers at: 
  • League Secretary Rob Ellsworth:  
    1) Announced a Match Format change for the A Division.  The A Division will now play to a 17 point night, with the addition of a 4 vs. 4 1001 Double-In / Double-out Game worth 1 point.  This game is to be played after the Double's Cricket game.   For the A Division, a new Match Score Sheet was quickly drafted up.  If you still use these sheets to manage the roster throughout the night, you can download a copy of it here (a copy is available on our website) :  --->   A Division Match Score Sheet
    2) The 2023 Turkey Shoot is being organized as we speak.  Details will be announced once finalized
    3) There were no increases in either the Sponsor Fee or Team Fee at this time.  We have been able to combat inflation with the help of our 50/50 Ticket sales, and very generous donations of winnings at times back to the league!  I want to THANK Alex Sokolinski, winner of the 50/50 last night, donating all $125 back into the league!
  • Vice-President Pete Alonso:
     No new updates. 
  • League Treasurer Jim Eve:
    The League is in good shape financially, with us sitting at close to $4750 as of the Captain's Meeting.  Plaques for the 2023 season were just paid for, which will drop that balance down by almost $1350, but we are still in an ok position.
  • Open Floor:
    The topic of replacing plaques with shirts was brought back up, and Jack agreed to look into what options we might have to make it possible.
    - The topic of getting sponsors for our hosted tournaments (Turkey-Shoot and Spring-Fling).  This too will be explored by Jack and the officers.
Plaques have been handed out.  Congratulations to all the winners!   All Division Schedules have been released!  Log into DartConnect to check your schedules.  Remember we are off on Halloween this year (10/31/23). 
As a reminder, PLEASE make sure you log into DartConnect on your devices and makes sure you have downloaded all updates!   Please verify that your roster looks correct!  If there are any roster corrections, please get them to me ASAP so that I can make the changes before we start.   
Finally, if you want to get out there before we start the season, Karen's Bar and Grill is hosting another Thursday Night Luck Of The Draw Tournament tomorrow night.  Sign-Ups will be at 6:30p and darts will start flying at 7!  There is also a mystery out. The pot is at 80$ so far and will continue to grow this week there will be a winner and winner will take all.
Thank you and good luck next week!
- Rob